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ASAP! Summer Camp 2021 - GRADES 6-12

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Waiver Statement:

I will hold harmless the Town of Washington, the town of Warren, the After School Arts Program, Inc., and any of its agents, directors, employees, and supervisors for any responsibility or liability for any injuries or property damage which may arise from my or my child’s participation in this program. I understand that in the event of an injury, my own personal medical insurance will be used.

I authorize ASAP to record on video tape, photography, voice recording, or interview through print or other media, my child’s first name, voice, image, artwork, and/or performance for informational programs, reports and promotional materials to be used for non-commercial purposes. 

I understand that neither my child nor I will receive compensation for this appearance and no private individual will receive compensation of any kind as a result of broadcasting this material. 

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