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Acting Up!

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Acting Up! with Angie Silverstein
A week-long theatre workshop teaches individual expression through collaborative creation. Students learn the basics of creating their own short plays from scratch by using their bodies and voices to develop original characters and scenes. Through a series of improvisational exercises and activities, students will not only generate dynamic scenes that tell a clear beginning, middle, and end, but they’ll build confidence to speak in front of a group and share their individual ideas in an articulate way. Participants will also learn when to modify or let go of their own ideas in service of the group as a whole. The program culminates in a school-wide showing of the work chosen in conjunction with teachers and refined by the students who will tell the stories most important to them. Their teacher will have additional tools to use in her classroom, which will enhance learning on a wide range of subjects.

In collaboration with and funded in part by: Litchfield Education Foundation

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